[Updated on 7 May 2020]

The Ministry of Health has announced an elevated set of safe distancing measures and implemented a Work-from-Home order as a circuit breaker to curb the trend of increasing local transmission of COVID-19 in Singapore. Business owners can only continue to operate if all the criteria in the Ministry of Health’s guidelines and the latest provision under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 are met. 

These requirements include operating only online without requiring business owners or staff to leave their homes, and not requiring customers or third-party delivery serviced at the premises to collect or deliver goods.


With that being said, here are some important things we need to address:

★ Both LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL orders will only be mailed out on 1 JUNE once these temporary measures have been lifted by the Singapore government! 

★ We will implement an open package system so packages will be kept open till 31 MAY! Packages will only be sealed and mailed out on 1 JUNE.

★ If you placed more than ONE (1) order on our website, we will be combining your orders to save on shipping costs and packaging supplies used!  Please ensure that you are using the same Customer Account and the mailing address is the same for all your orders to be eligible for this. Refunds for the excess shipping payment will only be made on 1 JUNE once packages are sealed.

★ For LOCAL orders only: There will be a free Smartpac upgrade for collective orders over $80 during this period. Please ensure that you are using the same Customer Account and the mailing address is the same for all your orders to be eligible for this free Smartpac upgrade.

*IMPORTANT* Please note that we will not be combining your orders or sending a refund for excess shipping payment if the Customer Account used to place orders or the mailing address is not the same! 

Feel free to drop us a direct message on Instagram for instant replies if you have a question regarding the new open package system!

★ We do polish and sanitise all our products before it gets shipped out! We have been practicing this ever since Midnight Dibs started! Feel free to sanitise them again with alcohol swaps for extra measures.


Thank you for taking your time to read this. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy and is doing their part to practice safe social distancing during this difficult time. Corona's a bitch and we want her gone ASAP!
xoxo Midnight Dibs