Midnight Dibs

Midnight Dibs aims to be a catalyst for youths to feel powerful, regardless of their gender. We are a brand based in Singapore that operates on imagination and individuality to create unique accessories. At Midnight Dibs, we make magic and we hope you'll feel magical when you rep our brand.

Midnight Dibs was brought to life in 2018 by Saraphina as a creative outlet to express herself and spread her love for handmade jewellery. Saraphina loves experimenting with different mediums to create wearable art and draws inspiration from current trends.

To check out her past designs, click here.

Midnight Varsity

Midnight Varsity is a subsidiary of Midnight Dibs created in 2020. It is a lifestyle brand that caters to those who are young at heart. With this high teen haven, we hope we'll be able to make all your teenage dreams come true.

Planet Dibs

Excited to meet our new friends? More information coming soon!